Are you looking for an economical solution to boost employee morale and team productivity? On the other hand, maybe you don’t have enough time to plan an event yourself? Or, maybe you are looking for fresh ideas for fun team building activities from an Organization that you can trust? Well, you have come to the right place. SOTI is situated just outside Pretoria at Bela-Bela in the Limpopo Province and we have just what you are looking for! 

SOTI has put together fresh, innovative activities for Team Building Programs representing every facet of the business world, from multinational corporations, small businesses, government agencies, non-profits and schools. Our Team Building Programs can be custom designed for sales, marketing, accountants, attorneys, management, retail, construction, manufacturing, estate agents, bankers, IT, telecommunications, schools, universities, religious and family groups and much, much more!

Whether you are planning to hold your event in a conference center, lodge, hotel or out in the country, we will provide all the equipment and supplies necessary. If you are not quite sure where to host your program, we can help you every step of the way with suggestions or anything else that needs to happen to make your event a success. Our careful attention to detail is one of the many reasons we have such a loyal client base.

SOTI has a diverse group of facilitators all dedicated to creating the best team building events you've ever experienced or ever will and our flexibility and experience allows us to work with CEOs of multinational, medium and small enterprises. Our front line staff and our programs reinforce the traits of our highly effective team building exercises and your experiences.

Variety of Customized Programs

We know that every company is different, and we take great care to address the specific needs of each of our clients. We find out about your goals, objectives and agenda, so that we can develop the best team building program possible for your group. We strive to achieve and surpass your goals and offer many options and programs/activities that you can choose from and customize all activities to suit your group.

  • Kick Start – for the not so rough and ready but loads of fun.
  • Boost – for the adventurist and willing to try.
  • Xtream – for the radicals and extremists.

Specific mentoring we offer in our programs:-

  •   Emotional fitness through self-awareness

  • Lack of confidence in the work place
  • The hells of working in my company
  • Self-esteem through achievement
  • Passion for life through adventure
  • Commitment through passion
  • Leadership in the work place
  • Wisdom through experience
  • Compassion through giving
  •    Follow thru in Technology

  • Stress in the work place
  • Humility through service
  • Time is of the essence
  • What I would change
  • Courage through risk
  • Out the box thinking
  • Leading by example
  • Skills Development
  • Self-Actualization
  • Working attitude
  • Customer care
  • Lack of trust

Individual Reports & Feedback

The SOTI Team Leaders will monitor each staff member from the day of arrival to the day of departure, thereby providing your company with a personal diagnostics report of each participating member. This report will provide the management of your company with an overview of each staff member indicating their character, strengths, weaknesses and challenges they face.

Activity Options - Day
  • Paint ball wars
  • Waterfall bum sliding
  • Crossbow - Archery
  • Quad bike adventure trails
  • Horse Riding
  • Traverse rope swings challenges
  • Target Shooting
  • Camouflage
  • face painting
  • Jumping and abseiling down waterfalls
  • Mountain bike cycling
  • Bungee  jumping
  • Parapax tandem paragliding
  • Raft building
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Hiking
  • Muddy swamp challenges
  • Obstacle course challenges
  • Elephant rides
  • Go Cart endurance racing
  • Cliff diving
  • Cable water ski
  • Tree top hopping
  • Bridge swinging
  • Sky diving and much more...
Activity Options - Night
  • Night paint ball wars
  • Camouflage face painting
  • Wine pairing
  • Bush Cooking
  • Team poker & bingo 
  • Night hiking
  • Night Game drives
  • Karaoke
  • Theme parties
  • Dancing  & much more...

The First and most important question is:-     

What does my company or division want to achieve through this team building?


The Second question is:-

Is it to be a day event or is it to be combined with a conference over a one or two day period or longer?

How do we achieve this?

We will consult with you to find out what it is you require in terms of team building (for what purpose the team build is taking place) and if there are there any particular activities or adventures you would prefer?

  • Is accommodation required?
  • Do you require transport?
  • Do you require a facilitator and what kind of facilitator?
  • Would you like a guest motivational speaker?
  • Do you have a budget you have to adhere to?
  • Plus a host of other valid questions!

The SOTI Offering

SOTI offers a broad spectrum of activities, facilitators, speakers, transport, accommodation, specific catering and conference facilities to cater for the needs of our clients in the conference and team building market.

Accommodation Options

Rondavales, 5 Star lodges, Bush Lodges, Bush Cabins, Hotels, Tree Houses, Tented Camps,



By supporting SOTI as a registered non-profit organization to host your team build event, you are contributing to our Nature Conservation Programs, Eco Farming and Helping Hands Programs and giving hope to other fellow humans working within our life changing programs.

This is how it works…


Once you have chosen SOTI as your preferred facilitator, we will provide you with a “Donation Quotation”. Should you wish to continue and book your event with us, you will then donate to our organization the amount we presented to you in the “Donation Quotation”. Once we have received your full payment we then provide you with a SARS Section 18A Certificate, which allows your company to claim this as a tax-deductible donation and at the same time provide you with a copy of our BEE certificate and our registration number for your BEE scorecard.

How will your company benefit us?

We will present your company with a few options of how you would like to see us grow and invest your money into the following projects and supply your company with a monthly progression report:-

  • Aquaculture Farming Project                     
  • Free Range Egg Farming Project
  • Free Range Chicken Farming Project
  • Free Range Pork Farming Project
  • Free Range Pork Farming Project
  • Free Range Sheep Farming Project
  • Indigenous Nursery Tree & Plant Project
  • Wild Animal Orphanage & Rehabilitation Project
  • Rural Farming Teaching Project
  • Rural life Skills Project
  • Fruit & Vegetable growing Project
  • Rural Eco Recycling Project
  • Worm Farming Project
  • Free Range Duck Farming Project

SOTI will allocate a percentage of what your company spends to our “Adopt a Life” program. This program provides your company with the option of choosing a specific wild baby animal based on your total donation spend of your event.


Once you have selected the baby animal, you will give it a name of your choice, be it your CEO’s name or your company’s name. SOTI will then issue your company with the official SOTI Adoption Certificate. The certificate will define the name of the animal, the species, the age, the sex, DNA, microchip number and a photo.

Choices of:- Zebra, Different species of Buck, Ostrich, Warthog, Bush pig, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Hippo, Elephant, Terrapin, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, monkey and members of the wild cat family and bird species.