Animal & Human

Protectors & Defenders of the Innocent

SOTI stands for “SOLDIERS OF THE INNOCENT” (NPC) registered in 2012 as a Non Profit Company (organization).

Our core function is the well-being and welfare of Humans & Animals from been abused or any violation of human or animal rights protecting those who can not defend for themselves and need the support from our organization.

We will defend the innocent and be the voices of the voiceless. We do not and cannot tolerate and will not allow these violations and illegal practices to continue without a fight! We aim to support all initiatives and drives that focus on protecting Humans & Animals rights.

This is our passion, our dream and our devotion to making this world a better place for all. To offer future generations the opportunity to see the world and its meant to be seen, living freely, living in peace and harmony.

We will continue to be the Voice of the Voiceless, protecting and supporting those who cannot speak or those that cannot defend and fight for themselves.


The core function of SOTI is the well-being and welfare of all. Through fund raising and various projects  within the organization, we are able to provide much needed aid to the rehabilitation, preservation, conservation and the protection of both Humans, Animals and the Environment.



For other NPO’s & NPC’s:- We will support and offer assistance to fellow organizations and unite in the plight against uplift and protect both animal and human rights.